Thursday, 2 July 2009

Adventures in the night..

Last night I had a dream, I can't really remember the full details, but I thought I was having a hypo (low blood sugar for those who are new to this) but a person in my dream was telling me I wasn't - 'it's just the same feeling as a hypo' they were saying - I believed them whoever this person was. But then suddenly I woke up, sweating and my heart was thumping, ah that wasn't just a dream I thought, I am having a hypo. 

I still tested myself just to make sure, waking up sweating isn't unusual this week...My meter read 2.9mmol but I felt lower. This was an unusual hypo, I glanced at the clock it was only 12.30am, I had only been asleep for 90 minutes. I knew straight away I had took too much insulin with my evening meal, I had over corrected as my blood sugar had been high. If I wake with low blood sugar in the night it's normally an hour or two before I am due to get up and I only need a juice and it's back to sleep within 5 minutes. This one felt different, I even contemplated telling my boyfriend (then thought he would just groan, roll over and fall I didn't bother) I sat on the sofa in the dark and managed to pack away quite a hefty midnight feast (I felt starving!) - a big juice and a cereal bar and then after scrounging around in the cupboard, fridge and the empty biscuit tins I found the last packet of raisins in the kitchen cupboard and scoffed them down too. 

This morning I woke with a blood sugar of 13mmol - not too bad considering my 'adventure' in the night (that's my boyfriends new name for a night time hypo by the way...)

What I find most fascinating about this story is the isn't the first time I have dreamt about desperately trying to get some food, trying to buy a drink but not having any money, trying to test my blood sugar but not quite managing to do it, to then wake and find my blood sugar low. 

It's clever don't you think? Even if in my dreams I'm still a diabetic I think it's pretty cool I have a built in hypo detector installed in me, no wires or batteries required!

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  1. Hypo detector, perhaps.

    More likely, it's another hypo, your hypothalamus, which never sleeps.

    Best wishes.