Thursday, 9 July 2009

Spaghetti Sums

Don't you hate it when you make a silly mistake? 

After me saying I had nailed my evening meal bolus doses yesterday I woke up at 1am this morning with a blood glucose of 19.3!!

After I corrected and got back into bed I realised it must of been the carbs in my spaghetti, I had hardly took any insulin compared to what I normally take for pasta, the only thing I had done differently was I referred to the packet for the carb value (rather than my Dafne book).

When I got up this morning I checked the packet nutrition info:

As cooked per guidelines 
125g serving
Carbohydrate: 31.3g

Whenever I have pasta it's usually about 70g of carbs, but for some reason I seemed to forget this, I think I was too pre-occupied with telling my boyfriend how clever this pump was and trying to give him a demo as he was washing up. So then I checked my Dafne book:

Pasta - fresh - uncooked
100g = 55g carbs

So my 125g portion was near enough 70g of carbs. 

If only I was as on the ball as this pump seems to be! 

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  1. I got my pump put on about two or three weeks ago. And it has made me pay way more attention to what i eat now than I did before. My blood sugar is way out of control and I'm even beginning to wonder if the insulin pump can even get it down. I used to forget my insuline shots which were suppoed to be 40 units three times a day of Novalog, and 50 units of Lantus at night. But now it may not be so much on the pump. But my basil rate is set at 1.90 every hour. I like the pump and it has kept me from forgeting to take any insulin at all. My blood sugar doesn't stay up in the 500's anymore at least! I like your blog.

    I'm Charlotte, from the USA, state of Tennessee where it borders with Alabama and Georgia. I found the link for your journal on twitter, by sceen name insulin_pump whom I follow, where I am ShyCharla.

  2. Checking that you have taken your insulin is definitely a bonus with the pump! Getting used to the pump takes a while...I have heard that so much this week! I'm glad you like my blog, good luck!