Sunday, 12 July 2009

I could get used to this

We went out for dinner last night to Wahaca

For once I didn't see what the toilets were like in the restaurant as I didn't need to run off to them pre/post meal and take my insulin. I just got my pump out and that was it. Nor was there any worrying about being interrupted mid-injection by the waitress wanting to take our order, instead I just looked like I was playing on some weird looking mobile phone. 

I took 3 units of insulin when the food came out with the plan that if I ate more then I would just take another bolus with my pump. I didn't need to in the end. 

Afterwards we went for a drink in a nice little wine bar near our flat, we'd never been there before, guess what, I didn't see the toilet in there either! 

Prior to all this we had been to the cinema and I decided to try out the combo bolus as we had some popcorn, I didn't really use it to proper effect though, as instead of grazing on popcorn throughout the film, I ate loads before the film even started and was then full. I didn't need to try and take my insulin silently or in the dark and the pump was very useful for checking how much longer I had to sit through Transformers for...

The pump is in my good books, along with my boyfriend for taking me out for the evening.

Picture via Flickr

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