Saturday, 11 July 2009

Pump Twins

I'm getting married next year and today my boyfriend suggested we sit down and try and progress the plans a bit further. You know colours, themes all that sort of stuff I have been nagging him about so we can get underway with designing our invitations. Two hours later and a slightly heated debate we've had enough, I've reverted to posting this and he's over the other side of the room flicking through channels on the tv.

This week I have been dropping the hints that I have been very brave going onto my pump and surely I deserved to be showered with gifts. He didn't fall for it. The other night I attached an infusion set to him and he said 'now we are pump twins!'

But the downside to that was now he knows being on a pump doesn't really hurt so I won't get any sympathy, the only pain he suffered was when I ripped it off his belly the next morning. He best watch out...

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