Thursday, 16 July 2009

Infusion Set Issues!

I've had such a nightmare with my infusion sets today, I feel like a pin cushion.

It all started this morning, I sat down to eat my cereal and took my bolus. I felt a sensation at my infusion site so pulled up my top to see blood around the set. Argh! Panic! 

I had problems when I had tried to insert it the morning before. I had wasted 3 sets! I am using the 30 degree angled sets at the moment, I started on the 90 degree inset II (6mm) but they weren't completely comfortable so I have changed tactics. The fourth set I put in yesterday seemed okay as my blood sugars were okay all day but I wasn't wholly convinced it was in as far as it could be.

I decided to revert back to a 90 degree set. Mid morning my blood sugar was 19.1mmol/L the problem was I didn't know how much of my bolus had entered my body, not much by the results on my meter. So I corrected with 3 units, an hour later still high - 18.3 mmol/L. 

So it was time for my first set change at work! I went into one of our meeting rooms, when I pulled the set out it was kinked. So I inserted another set. An hour later it was really sore so I reverted back to a 30 degree set, which fingers crossed I think is working now. I won't be confident until after my morning bolus tomorrow.

I don't have any 30 degree sets left now until my delivery turns up next week so will be back on the others.

I think I might see if I can meet up with my Animas trainer and get her to check my technique is right. Once I know it is in correctly and working I can relax for a few days, but at the moment I am using all my spare energy worrying!

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