Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sweet Dreams?

I'm really looking forward to my bed tonight as today I treated myself to a pregnancy pillow! 

Sleeping in several different beds over the last few weeks has produced varying results and it has been nice to be back in my own bed. However despite being home getting a really good nights sleep is getting harder because of my growing bump and increasing back ache. I have been using a pillow between my knees but most nights I wake to find I have thrown it out onto the bedroom floor or I am suddenly lying on my back. Turning over is another mission, the first step being to find my pump and put that on the side I am moving onto, then I start to manoeuvre myself, it's very much like a three point turn! Often I find the other side isn't as comfy as I thought and I have to complete the whole process again to get back to my other side!

So today I decided to splash out on a treat for myself and buy a dream genii pregnancy pillow from Mothercare, which if you read all the marketing bumph comes highly recommended not only from mums-to-be but also by midwives and is also certified as a Class One Medical Device. I'm coming to the end of my pregnancy almost but as this also doubles up as a feeding pillow I thought I would make the investment. The RRP is £45.99 but Mothercare's price match meant that we only paid £36.99 - the price on Amazon which we showed them in store on my iphone. It's such a good deal, nearly everything we have bought so far in Mothercare has found us price matching!

So far I have tried it out in the car on the way home from the shops and it has been on the sofa with since. It promises a 'magical night's sleep', with my return to work tomorrow I think that is what I need, I'm off to give it a try!

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