Saturday, 21 April 2012

30 Week Scan

I had my 30 week growth scan yesterday. As I mentioned in my last post my control was a little up and down during my recent travels and I had hoped this wouldn't of had too much of an effect on the baby.

Well he has certainly piled on the holiday pounds! I can't believe how much he has grown in just 4 weeks. It looks like he is heading towards big baby syndrome...his tummy and overall weight are now measuring at 36 weeks, whereas all his other measurements are spot on for my 30 weeks pregnancy. Exactly what I didn't want to happen. His abdominal circumference is 319.0mm and his overall estimated fetal weight is 4lb 13ozs. Although the sonographer told me not to worry as this is completely common in those with diabetes I can't help but feel a little concerned and disappointed at this stage.

Speaking to a couple of people there are a lot of stories of inaccurate growth scans, people being told their babies are 10lb+ only to be born and they are well under. But I am sure there are also a lot of growth scans that are accurate too!

My next antenatal appointment is on Tuesday so I will be able to discuss the results of the growth scan with them then and get their thoughts. In the meantime I am on super control mode now that I am back on home soil. The lovely sonographer did a sneaky 3D scan for me, he looks sounds asleep but really he couldn't keep still, it seems there is still plenty of room left for kicks and turns!

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