Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Flight Number One - Tick!

Greetings from Hong Kong!

So we survived the first flight with little news to report. It actually didn't feel too long (it was about 11 hours) and I didn't get too uncomfortable, although there is no way I could of done another flight straight away, I am so glad we decided to split up the journey with a few nights in Hong Kong. We were sitting in standard class and as I boarded the plane the air steward commented that they were choca-block today and that they couldn't move me (I had decided to try the approach of not asking to be upgraded in the hope it might happen!) However we did get fairly decent seats, two seats right at the back of the plane on their own so we had extra floor space where the third seat should of been so I could stretch out. I set myself up a nice little seat with blankets for extra padding.

I had been advised to try a temporary basal rate for the flight so I set this when we got given our lunch, however I then decided to cancel it as I thought my basal is pretty much set for me to be inactive anyway (I sit at a desk all day) and I am glad I did as I don't think I needed it. A couple of hours after lunch I ate a chocolate bar without any insulin and my BGs were pretty steady. They crept up a bit later on, I just kept testing and then adjusting as needed. Which is pretty much what I have been doing since we arrived. It's hard to get it right - carb counting random Chinese food is not my forte and a three course hotel breakfast generally doesn't help when it comes to pre-breakfast spikes. Also on the flight they wanted to try and get us into the Hong Kong time frame so we were only given lunch and then breakfast before we landed. Luckily I had taken some snacks with me (always good to do for flights in case you get delayed) and I made friends with the air steward who gave us extra bottles of water and I was allowed to raid their tuck box!

I mentioned in my last post about all my liquids and medication I was taking - in their own little suitcase as you can see from the pic above. The picture isn't that clear but in here I had:
26 Clexane syringes
12 infusion sets
10 cartridges
2 insulin pens
5 Novorapid penfills
3 Levemir penfills
3 Novorapid Vials
Test Strips (about 250)
2 small sharps bins
Needles for pens and finger pricking
Spare blood testing kit
1 bag of jelly babies
Think that's it!....

There was no problem with taking these through security. I just had to get them all out of my suitcase and then they went through the scanner. For the first time though my pump set off the metal detector when I went through security. The lady searching me said it was very unusual (she seems them all the time apparently!) so they had to do a swab of that, but that was pretty much it really. Just three more security checks to go through!

When we landed I immediately changed my pump to local time - for me it was midnight but in Hong Kong it was breakfast time. Our next flight is to Melbourne and is an overnight flight with only a three hour time difference so shouldn't send my basals and insulin into a spin as much.

Baby was doing his usual kicks and spins practically the whole way here, he was probably wondering what all the noise was. Oh and I nearly forgot...the toilet break count! I think I counted 8 trips in total, let's see if I can break that record on Thursday!

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