Thursday, 26 April 2012

Growth Update

Following my post at the weekend about my 30 week scan I thought I would post an update on what happened in my follow up appointment.

It turns out the increase in baby's tummy measurement is a little extreme, it's unusual for it to get so big so quickly and is likely to be due to the difficulties with my control over the last few weeks. Although they did say this could of happened if I wasn't on holiday I can't help but think that it wouldn't of as at home I would of been following my normal routine and foods and also probably had an antenatal or pump clinic appointment too.

Anyway, the goal now is to stop it increasing upwards sharply and for it to increase steadily. My doctor discussed the scan results with the obstetrician whilst I was at the hospital and he has confirmed delivery is likely to be at 36-37 weeks, so 1st-8th June - not long! I will now be monitored on a weekly basis and have another appointment with the obstetrician on Tuesday.

I have a whole heap of questions for my next appointment on Tuesday as it suddenly seems so near! At the moment they are saying I will either be induced or perhaps go straight to a c-section, it depends, apparently the baby is in a very good position if I do get induced. When the midwife examined me she said the head was VERY far down and asked could I not feel it? Well I can feel something but being my first pregnancy I don't know what to expect! I am pretty sure she said he was two fifths engaged and she said that was good because he is in position softening the cervix and ideally with me it would be good if he was ready to come early. Just not too early I hope!

So in my efforts to curb this little ones growth I am now back onto weighing everything that passes my mouth, filling in my monitoring diary religiously and studying the results and making changes every couple of days as needed. My basal doses have increased dramatically and for every meal I am now bolusing 1 unit for 5g of carbs. I seem to be getting back on track so hopefully can continue in this way.

More reports to follow as the clock continues to count down!

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