Monday, 12 March 2012

My Diamond Ring

This weekend I met up with some of the girls I used to work with on Slimming World Magazine and we had a lovely afternoon tea. Before you try and guess, no this blog post isn't about the efforts of carb counting afternoon tea, although it could well have been!

One of my friends is also pregnant and one has just very recently had a baby so we were very much on the baby talk all afternoon, we haven't all met as a group since we both fell pregnant so it was a good chance to tell the stories of how we discovered we were about to become mummies, amongst many other natterings. Our accounts couldn't be more different - me knowing practically from day one whereas my friend didn't know she was pregnant till she was 8 weeks. It also highlighted to me again the need to be super organised and 'on it' when it comes to pregnancy and diabetes, if I had gone 8 weeks without knowing I was pregnant I don't know if my baby would be in as good shape as he seems to be now.

We found out I was pregnant last October after trying for what couldn't of been more than six months. I had done a couple of pregnancy tests in the months before and this time I tried to hold off for as long as possible before I did one, as it's disappointing (and a waste of money) when you do one too early to then see a negative result. It was a Monday morning and one of my other friends was staying with us for a few days, only the day before I had told her that we had started trying for a baby, she was very excited, little did I know I already had one inside me!

That morning I went to have a shower and did a test straight away. Seeing a blue line appear immediately, I left the test on the side of the bath and went to the sink and continued with my routine, pretty much thinking that was it till next month. Until I went back to the test and saw a cross. Eek! I then had my shower as normal and hid the test in a wash bag and took it back to the bedroom.

Once my husband started to surface I told him what had happened in the bathroom, knowing how hard things could be and the chances of problems in the first few months he didn't whoop with joy but simply told me not to get too excited. All in hushed voices of course as we weren't alone in the house! (In fact we couldn't really discuss it on our own till a few days later). Then we went about our normal day, well kind of, I don't normally do pregnancy tests in the tube station toilets - I had to do another one just to make sure!

It was very surreal for the first few weeks and it was hard to imagine that I was really pregnant. Then at 6 weeks+4 I went for an internal scan at the early pregnancy assessment unit so they could see what was happening (due to me having diabetes). I was convinced there wouldn't be anything there or what was there might not be growing as it should, but to my amazement there was a little tiny dot with a little heartbeat. It was a like a diamond ring - the diamond being the baby - so very tiny. It's amazing to look at now and think that was how he started and to compare to the more recent scan pictures.

My friend also had an internal scan, but hers was to try and get to the bottom of her stomach pains but led to her finding out she was 8 weeks pregnant! Again planned but still a shock all the same. I was incredibly envious that she had got to 8 weeks without any hideous nausea and sickness!

Having this early scan really helped as it would have been a long wait if I would of had to wait till I was 12 weeks pregnant and I would definitely ask for one if you have diabetes. Again another perk of diabetes, all the extra scans! I will be able to fill a photo album of all the pictures soon!

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