Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Insulin on the up...

It's been a busy few days and my blog love has been neglected! The next ten days or so are likely to be the same as we count down to our impending holiday - more on that in the next day or so, I promise.

I wanted to do a quick update on how I am finding my blood sugars and insulin requirements as I approach my third trimester. As expected I am starting to notice that my blood sugars have been creeping up and therefore my doses have needed a lot more adjusting. I must admit I haven't been as quick on it as I probably should of been. Things had been ticking along okay recently, although my last hba1c had risen from 6.5% to 6.8% and a few weeks ago I was struggling to remember the last time I had a good feast on some jelly babies, which is great to be avoiding hypos but I also knew this meant things were rising.

It's only when I write everything down and assess a week that I can see where things might be creeping a little out. But life has been getting in the way slightly as it does and all of a sudden a few days have gone by and my monitoring diary is looking sparse.

I'm trying to regain that control and today I have adjusted my doses again in preparation for tomorrow's after lunch peak. My insulin to carbohydrate ratio is now set to 1 unit = 5g for lunch, it used to be 10g then 8g then 7g and more recently 6g. I have also increased my basal slightly for the afternoon from 0.500 to 0.550. I could be heading for disaster making these two changes at the same time but I am fed up of getting sugars of 12..11...10 mmol/l two hours after lunch and then it not coming down any further despite knowing that my carb counting at lunch was correct. Something isn't right!

My other ratios have also increased and I know this will happen more and more over the coming weeks. I was taking part in an online diabetes survey yesterday and one of the questions asked how many units I took a day, I was surprised to see I am now on about 44 per day, which has increased from around 32 per day. So it's clear to see my demand for insulin is increasing. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow afternoon holds.

My other motivation for getting things back on track will come on Friday when I have my 26 week growth scan and I can see how things are going size wise. The thumps are getting stronger and I sense it's getting more cramped in there not to mention my ever visible growing bump. I'm intrigued to know if he is normal size or whether we are now on the road to big baby syndrome! Will report back on that front too....

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