Friday, 24 February 2012

The Naming Game

Now we know we're having a boy we have been able to do some focused thinking about what we are going to name him. The girls names have been shelved, although I haven't wanted to tell anyone what our top list was in case we ever have a girl, I don't want anyone to nab them in the meantime!

We didn't have that many boys names to choose from (compared to the list we had for girls) despite thinking about it for the last couple of months, we only really have one strong option at the moment. We think we'll go with said name, well we're about 90% sure, or should I say I am, Dad-to-be is 100% SURE. We've made a pact that we will change our minds if any big celebrities call their babies this or if suddenly in the next few months it becomes really common, or perhaps we will just get bored of it. If we still like it come June then it must be the name for him! Dad-to-be is already calling him by said name at every opportunity. So much so that we have had to come up with a pseudonym for him for when we are out with friends and family -we want to keep it a secret so nobody can say 'ugh, I don't like that!'

So we call him Batman. It works quite well, when people are around he is batman when we're on our own he is '-------' [insert your guess here]. Our own little superhero. It seems to be sticking and his sister-in-law is keen to get him his own little outfit when he grows up, funnily enough look what we saw on Saturday when we were shopping...

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