Saturday, 11 February 2012

It's a....boy!

Well all has been revealed and we are expecting a little boy! The anomaly scan went really well with no problems to report at all. The little monkey wouldn't keep still and the sonographer had a lot of fun chasing him round my tummy to try and take all the measurements.

It suddenly seems a lot more real and even more exciting than it was before. Plus a huge relief to know everything is as it should be, all organs are in place, no deformities and our little baby is healthy and happy in there.

We're officially half way through now - eek! I thought I would post some scan pics. I love the pic clearly stating we are having a boy and pointing to it's boy area, just in case we forget!


  1. Oh oh yayyyyyy!!
    Does it feel weird knowing you have a teeny tiny willy in your tummy?
    I'm thrilled the anomaly scan went well, it's very nerve wracking and such a relief when you get the good feedback!
    We had ours last week and all is well too. Xxx

  2. Ha ha thanks Aifric! I did think of that but also weird that there is a little head in there and legs, arms, a tongue etc! Glad your scan went well too, hope all continues to go well! x