Thursday, 9 February 2012

Appointments and more appointments!

This week has been an appointment filled week! I knew that having diabetes would mean I would have my fair share of appointments compared to a 'non-d'. I thought I would be at the hospital every week but it hasn't been that bad I am glad to report.

Tuesday saw me at my diabetes antenatal clinic. I'm having my baby at Chelsea and Westminster hospital who have managed my diabetes with me since I moved to London in 2007. There are designated diabetes pregnancy clinics, mine always being on a Tuesday morning. Normally there is little wait but this Tuesday I waited a good hour to then be seen by three people I had never seen before in my life and who were obviously in quite a hurry because of the backlog of patients. It was very disappointing, all the questions I had written down ready to ask were shelved and I found it really frustrating. The doctor asked me when I had my pump 'fitted' and then told me he wasn't concerned about my high blood sugars just the hypos (of which there was none). The only thing that rectified it not being a complete waste of time was that the obstetrician had a feel if my tummy and we has a quick look at baby. I have my 20 week scan later this week so I really didn't want to see too much! I thought I saw a little something in that area and then decided I am useless with scans and for all I know it could of been anything!

Wednesday afternoon and I was off to Charing Cross hospital this time. In my last retinopathy check up there was a slight change that had been detected and they decided to refer me to a specialist just to make sure everything was okay. I was pretty prepared that this appointment would involve some intense waiting, after all the letter had told me to keep the rest of the afternoon free! The wait was another hour. Luckily everything was completely fine and I felt like a bit of a fraud being there. The doctor couldn't see any problems and said my eyes looked very healthy considering how long I have had diabetes (since Jan 1998).

So two down and just one more to anomaly scan. The most important appointment of all! Really looking forward to seeing if baby is developing okay, hopefully everything will be healthy and as it should. Not to mention we will find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I'm so excited - it's like waiting for Christmas Day!! Next time I post all will be revealed...

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