Tuesday, 8 September 2009

My old friend

I've been a bit slack with posting recently, work has been my number one excuse, much to the disgust of everyone who keeps asking me when am I going to post again so they don't have to look at that picture of that boy...

Actually I think it was the busyness on Friday (nothing to do with rushing to the pub for a drink) that made me accidently leave my blood meter at work, in the toilet cubicle, on the floor, all alone, all weekend. 

When I got home at 8.30pm on Friday night I rummaged in my bag and my heart stopped, I remembered it falling on the floor vividly. At first I panicked then I realised I could just use a spare one. Only thing is my spare one is dodgy (see here) and the test strips for my other spare expire 09/09. Argh! So I spent most of the weekend using the dodgy one and then comparing the results with the other meter with the close to expiry/expired strips. We were away at the weekend and I stuck to using dodgy meter, Sunday morning I woke up high and I corrected but I think the meter was reading high as I went low 90 mins later. 

My meter was waiting for me on my desk on Monday morning, a nice samaritan must of left it there for me, or perhaps one of my colleagues who always sees me clutching that little black pouch...
What I had missed most though was my finger pricker. My beloved finger pricker that I have owned for years and is the most comfortable one yet and also the one that has been redesigned and is no longer available exactly the same (it's an Accu-Chek Soft Clix) A few years back I had the same type which broke, I then had to suffice with a different finger pricker only to uncover a spare one day at home, much to my excitement.

The thing is I dread the day this one breaks or I lose my meter bag. I can feel that happening soon, the other night I left it in a restaurant. As we walked out we suddenly had this man running after us in the street, we thought we hadn't paid enough money, but no in his hand was my little black meter bag. So a restaurant and a toilet cubicle within a couple of weeks, they say things come in threes, lets hope not! 

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  1. I know how you must be feeling , I left mine in a restaraunt too and also at the airport thank god they ran after me . sucks that you have to remember every little thing . I know how I felt . Well I am so glad you found it again and all is well . God bless and take care dear