Monday, 28 September 2009

Autumn Days...

So once again I have been slack in posting, apologies. Hope you haven't lost interest, slap on the hand and all that...I promise I will try harder!

First, a quick diabetes round up then onto other things. A couple of weeks back I had my first appointment at the hospital since converting to my pump, disappointing my hba1c had only dropped by 0.1% (to 8.0%) although my diabetes team ensured me this was good as most peoples goes up, but I wasn't so sure as I thought I had been doing much better. Then I have been doing some experimenting with basal rates, which has meant me scouring for no-carb alternatives, brazil nuts currently top of the list and testing on the hour. Serious science experiment.

But, I wanted a bit of a change to my blog this week and it means I probably won't be writing about diabetes that much. We have decided to take a week off work from the trials and tribulations of making magazines and toys and go on holiday. Well, we're not actually going anywhere, we're having a holiday in...London. Not so much big red buses and Harrods, more along the lines of the arts and culture of this fair city.

Let's back track to Saturday as our holiday started with some excitement as we had two gigs in one night, first was the talented and up and coming singer songwriter Chris Macaree in Camden then a quick cab across to Kentish Town where we were on the guest list for Gang of Four. Rock and Roll.

Skip to today and one of the more blog-friendly activities (you don't want to hear about a trip to the dentist and the the town hall surely?) was a stroll around Holland Park (hence the opening shot) where we saw lots of dogs, autumn leaves and little people playing. I wish I had taken this picture myself, but it's just from Flickr, tomorrow camera will be in hand and maybe (no pressure) I will bring you some visual delights of my own.

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  1. Oh yes please I so miss London and loved it the whole time I was there . I do so love brittish ways . thanks for sharing and posting this .