Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A little bit of history...

Tuesday, London, 20 degrees. 
First stop British Museum. Lots and lots of stone... and history and plenty of school kids, seems we can't escape them this week. Realised how little I remember about history from school, found myself eavesdropping on teachers conversations to brush up on my knowledge...

I like the roof by the looks of it.
A funny looking statue that made us smile. We stopped for a coffee in the cafe, just as I hit 3.9mmol so coffee was accompanied by a few jelly babies and a cereal bar, felt I needed both, we still had the whole of the mummy section to tackle yet! (couldn't not get any diabetes talk in) Hard to work out what caused the low, perhaps the 'holiday' drinks the night before or perhaps the soda farls we had for breakfast that were so stodgy I could only eat half as one bite took about five minutes to chew.

After a massive lunch we headed off to the Criterion Theatre to see The 39 Steps. Wish I was allowed to take some pictures of this inside, was just like sitting in you Nan's pink furnished living room, bit like a marshmallow. We were probably the youngest people in there, that was until the school trip walked in, must be following us. With a cast of only four actors playing over 150 parts this play was very clever and funny too, plus a bargain considering you would pay the same price to go the cinema in some parts of London.

So that was Tuesday, pretty much, won't go into the football results...

Pictures via Flickr and Flickr and me.

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