Monday, 24 August 2009

Winter Woes

I was on the Tube this morning reading the Metro when I noticed the headline 'Risk of diabetes rises in winter'. Being diagnosed in January I thought this was quite interesting, I read on waiting for the mystery of my diagnosis to be revealed....I then got to this paragraph:

'It may be caused by seasonal changes in blood glucose and insulin levels, seasonal viral infections or the fact that young people tend to eat more and do less exercise in winter'

It was the last statement that annoyed me, not only do I have to explain to people that I didn't get diabetes because I ate lots of sweets or because it runs in my family but now I potentially also have to explain that I wasn't an overweight lazy child who at the first sign of a chill in the air suddenly had the urge to overeat.

Maybe I should of adopted the head wear at the top of this page and that might of prevented me 'catching' diabetes. Whatever next. Read the full article here.

Picture via Flickr.


  1. I read this this morning and it annoyed me too!

    Just found your blog today and discovered we have a lot in common. I also live in London, I'm also 29 and I'm also getting married next year. Oh and the diabetes thing.... (I'm having a pocket sewn in to my wedding dress too!)

    Glad to have found you.

  2. It certainly is frustrating! I think there should be more differentiation between types of diabetes in the press.

    Glad you found my blog, I hope you enjoy it! Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. How long have you been on a pump?

  3. I've been pumping for seven and a half years. Lately I've been frustrated, but I'd still rather pump!

    You can check me out at