Thursday, 6 August 2009

Excess Baggage

I got home from work this evening looking like I had just had a shower fully clothed.

I had been contemplating going to the gym this evening but my heart wasn't in it. I had reduced my basal rate before I left work and ate a cereal bar on the tube and in my head I was battling with going and then not going, then going...I resolved the decided factor would be what my blood sugar was when I got off the tube. 8.1 - not going. Then I saw the rain, definitely not going now.

 I changed into my trainers (flip flops pretty useless) whilst everyone else was cowering under doorways, I put my umbrella up and braved it. Yeah, I thought this is fine it's only a bit of rain, I had been so hot today in the sauna that is my office that the first few minutes in the rain was positively cooling. Then my jeans started to stick to my legs, the rain off my bag was running down my back, my trainers were getting heavy as they were so bogged down with the rain, it wasn't good.

When I got home and opened my bag, everything inside was a little soggy. I emptied the contents of my bag onto the coffee table and it nearly filled it. It was then I decided to take a picture of how much STUFF I carry around with me. And this was only one bag, I had two bags with me today.

One of my boyfriend's books he had lent me to read earlier in the week was probably the worst hit, I've now got a crinkly DAFNE diary, some soggy business cards, a wet baby sock (for my pump)...I'll let you study the contents, but I'd like to point out as much as I like writing and drawing, why on earth does a girl need 4 pencils and 2 pens?


  1. dont we always carry more stuff than we do need just in case of emergency . I mean I know I take way more stuff than two wks worth of supplies . they also might find a pkg of crackers the kind with the pb and cheese crackers in them . I would be so embarassed if anyone had to go in my purse . LOL !!!

  2. I know! Although you never know when something might be useful!