Tuesday, 17 January 2012

HbA1C at 16 weeks (...and a gold star for me!)

I'm 16 weeks+4 at the moment and yesterday I had an appointment at the pump clinic at my hospital.

My HbA1C when I fell pregnant in September was 7.0% which I was assured was fine for pregnancy but I knew lower than this (in the 6's) would be even better. When I did bloods in December it was 6.9% so some head way, if minor!

Yesterday I was tested again and couldn't quite believe it when the Consultant told me it was 6.5%! I was so pleased. I keep finding myself saying lately 'that's the lowest it has ever been!'

My Consultant said I had a gold star, if I wanted a double gold star then we could fine tune even further but there was a risk of lots of hypos. I'm not sure if I can beat this one though, I would be more than happy to remain at 6.5% for the rest of my pregnancy.

(Star graphic courtesy of: http://www.flickr.com/photos/purpleslog/3322865063/)

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  1. Made up for you darliing, great work.
    More gold stars from Dublin!