Thursday, 26 January 2012

17th week coming to an end...

17 weeks + 6 today, which means another day closer to the anomaly scan when we will finally find out if little bump is a boy or a girl, but more importantly that everything is going okay still. I keep thinking about finding out the sex and I forget that more crucially this will be a big moment in seeing how the baby is developing and whether it is healthy. Having heard so much over the years about the complications that can arise in early pregnancy when you have diabetes I feel like so far we have had too smooth a ride and keep expecting a hiccup soon.

I thought I would post a pic of my growing bump. Dad-to-be has been taking a picture each week since 12 weeks so expect a back catalogue and more to follow soon. Some days I feel massive (I know I will feel much bigger than this!) other days I forget until I catch sight in a mirror and I think wow this really is happening.

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