Friday, 25 May 2012

Hospital Life

As I said last time I am settling into the hospital life routine, however there are three things that I wanted to share with you about what I don't like about hospital life and what you should prepare for should you be in a similar situation!

1. The food! This is getting quite funny now because they just can't seem to bring me what I ordered. Every day (up until today actually) I have asked for a sandwich on brown bread. I have circled 'BROWN BREAD' in capital letters, underlined it, double circled it and underlined it at the same time and every day they bring a white bread sandwich. Today when I got back to my bed guess what - I had brown bread!! But not Ham & Tomato like I ordered, it was Chicken Mayonnaise! Evening meals are pretty much the same, you ask for one thing and get given the complete opposite. Last night I asked for an omelette and a yoghurt  and I ended up having chicken curry and ice cream! Breakfast seems to be the easiest to accomplish.

2. The stockings! I knew I would have to wear stockings to prevent blood clots if I was to have a c-section but I didn't realise I would have to wear them ALL the time. Even in  this heat! They are very fetching white knee hot socks. They're on it too, you can't fool them, if you take your stockings off they are on you like a shot! However it seems you can take them off for outings, thankfully I don't have to sit here typing this in Starbucks with them on.

3. The heat! This is only an issue at the moment because of the heat wave we are having but it is like a greenhouse on our ward. What a week to be in labour! Add point two to point three and the result is not good.

Now that I have moaned about all that I feel like I should say something positive. So on the plus side everyone has been lovely and the midwives are fantastic, which is the main point over the food, stockings and temperature!

Just a couple more days to go till my induction, I will try and squeeze one more post in before then!

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