Wednesday, 23 May 2012

34 weeks + 5 update...Plan C?

The plan for his release has changed!

Yesterday I saw the obs in my appointment and the plan was the same – induction to start Friday but he warned me the baby might not be here before Monday, we would have to see how things went and possibly stop for a little break mid-process, don’t worry I don’t think we would be looking at a constant four day labour or I might be asking the c-section question once again. I spoke with my diabetes nurse and we discussed whether I was happy with it being over a weekend, final outcome was to stick to the original plan.

Anyway this morning they had their weekly meeting (which I mentioned before) where they discuss all their in-patients and they have decided to wait till Sunday before they get the ball rolling. That way when things start to progress my diabetes team will on hand and also my usual obs on call, that's anticipating that he won't pop out on Sunday! As long as all the heart traces stay normal (as they have been) this is the new plan, what are we on now Plan C I think? I’m still allowed out for a few hours at a time so if this good weather lasts I will hopefully be able to enjoy some of it this weekend.

So it looks like he will still be a May baby, but which date?! For those who don’t know already I have a thing that I would like him to be born on a nice round, even date. But the month of May has messed that up already! Will it be Monday 28th, Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th? Monday or Wednesday would be my preference, I may have a different view if I am in labour a long time, I doubt I will be worried about hanging on for the 30th!

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